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Park Stage: Comfortable outdoor rock

July 19, 2011

Open-air concerts can get for the visitors to an adventure at times stressful, but they do not necessarily have to. It's also comfortable, calm and relaxed and in comfort.

While in Scheebel many tens of thousands of visitors who have to cope with the annual Hurricane Festival with wind, weather, crowds and other rock-concert-scale event concomitant with things, and at times boisterous and loud celebration, the "Rock The Nation" concert there on the park stage in Hanover on Friday, June 17, offers a completely different atmosphere, a different picture. On the loose-filled terrain of Hanover Park stage for the visitor is hardly any risk of falling into stressful situations.

Familiar, comfortable and relaxed Neither scrum in front of the stage, from the middle of the interior, visitors have so much space around them that it is isolated as in making outdoor cozy. Some use the opportunity for a family outing, bring to the children. Blanket on the lawn, fries, soft drinks, beer within easy reach and the rock band Night Ranger Classic-/Melodic-, Kansas, Foreigner and Journey teeter cozy as soft and swaying or singing or clapping times. The program is here.

Also on almost all food and beverage booths, it is usually very relaxed too. No attachments, no crowds, no long waiting time everyone gets his cool drink or a crispy sausage. The site is on visual inspection, just over half full capacity. It is visually a total of a little full, because the audience is spread generously over the interior. Eng sweaty halls are in full and in pauses from partying and raving by fighting for a drinks shop that was once at concerts these bands, then, some 30 years ago.

The majority of the visitors is the age in the mid / late 40s upwards, and many Konzergänger this age group can enjoy concerts in a stress free environment, ensure that you have liked to preferred seating, as here in the stands of the park stage.

"Rock The Nation" is in Hanover, the exact opposite of the packed, very large popular open-air festivals in Germany. Perhaps a counter-proposal for the slightly more mature vintages? Comfortable outdoor clothing skirt instead of mud and bruises ....

Rock, Prog, Hits and Kitsch Musically, there is rock music, melodic, Fricke Liges, kitsch and a few Hits.Nach one over long distances very attractive opening the shows with the band Night Ranger and the intense, powerful concert of the prog-rock forefathers Kansas follows, in terms of atmosphere , the public mood and Hitquote here on the park stage way ahead lies Foreigner gig. 70 minutes to fire a straight rocking Foreigner classic after the other in the crowd, including many radio hits. "Urgent," "Jukebox Hero", the cuddly ballad "I Want to Know What Love Is," "Cold As Ice," "Hot Blooded", almost everything is what you get from Foreigner.

Not only the mainstream songs of the band are on the setlist, there are comparatively intricate rock, like "Star Rider" from the early phase of the band's career. The past as with the Hanover Show in December 2007, vocally and technically show again very well launched Foreigner frontman Kelly Hansen will develop the social gatherings of like-minded musically to a real rock and roll party. Time and again he calls on visitors to raise their hands and clap along or sing along.

Cheerleaders Foreigner Kelly Hansen has to work hard right. Except for the fans in the front rows, seems the majority of the more mature visitors to the site of the park stage to the bustle of the first stage to prefer to watch from a safe distance. But Kelly Hansen takes the audience on his side, even the initially listless and comfortable-looking guests, which could have been provided here still prefer armchair and sofa.

Foreigner give the traditional, friendly rock band. The show of the newly formed company some time ago to band founder and main songwriter Mick Jones and the many hits and popular songs to come here in Hanover on very well. As will be played one encore in "Jukebox Hero", it does not require prompt more by Foreigner singer - the fans start own business with rhythmic clapping.

Now in regards to mood and even an increase for the party among the thirsty visitors, it would have been a perfect evening. The mood of increase remains however.

Journey play here in the position of the headliner, which appears after the impressions of the appearance of Foreigner strange but not placed and the program flow consistent.

Little suitable for mass production, but celebrated by the fans It is shortly after 22:00 clock, Journey to play just a little more than 15 minutes, as many visitors, who left after the Foreigner set the interior of the open-air site, no longer be seen. Where elsewhere to fill the headline shows the interiors really, this tends to be emptied during the Journey show. First light rain a few minutes later - now also the first to leave the seat grandstand at the clear now gaping holes.

On the (technical) quality of the musicians, the band is on the whole it is certainly not that the Journey concert here only a manageable number of visitors were really carried away. The tapered band on some positions also makes even some songs from the pre-acclaimed new album "Eclipsed" before, but here is the performance of more than a ceremony for longtime Journey fans.

Journey is a band of insiders, for melodic rock lovers, for active musicians who devoured in the eighties, trade magazines, and could read frequently by guitarist Neal Schon, whose playing style and equipment or former vocalist Steve Perry hinbekommt, with to shine a relatively sensational Stimmunfang.

Pursued Who precisely on the park stage, the instrumental work of Journey acknowledges that Neal Schon is still one of the most spectacular guitarist of melodic rock and that lead singer Arnel Pineda, with its dedicated and lively stage show and a top performance at the microphone, even the older songs from the band converts very well. Anyway: Sound Journey game technically and from a total of perhaps the best band of the evening. But that alone does not yet made great concert experience.

Turn back time ... What makes it such a special Journey and little mass-market volume, is the fact that they warm up their melodic rock in 2011 to prepare a form, and dish out, even as they were writing the year 1985 and that in consequence of all. The compositions, arrangements, melodies and sequences are long stretches old-fashioned, stuffy and boring. Hardly a song gets stuck and really do not skip the spark.

Most of it goes in one ear, out the other back and rocking out as if to himself. If ballads are on the program, it is poured into the last corner of the site with cheesy, sugary-sticky keyboard, guitar, singing with vehemence pathos and dragged back into the distant past, secluded time. Journey along with their no longer seem quite so numerous persevering fans the world to stop and turn back by 25, 30 years want to.

The band succeeds in Hannover, the audience response has been on the grounds of the park stage for a rock concert and a headlining show of a well-known U.S. acts sobering caution. Only the truest of the true party in front.

Surprising is that after the little seen and heard: In contrast to Foreigner were represented, which landed hit after hit for years, with several songs on the radio and TV, whose albums such as "4" or "Agent Provacateur" in a broad, general interest rock audiences in Germany found their way into the record cabinets, widely known in Germany from Journey really just the old all-time hit, "Wheel In The Sky".

Apparently too little to even one of classic and melodic rock for decades, ever penetrated, often supersaturated audience of ages 40 and Anfang-/Mitte really attract older to concerts, to stop at the scene and there to really excite.

Life is a continuous flow, you must also create separate times of old to something new to be able to look ahead and not only in the past. You can not stop time or turn back. It is often articulated. In Journey, and some fans at the Hanover Park Stage on Friday night the clocks were apparently still different.

Some who prefer to look forwards to looking back, had already made before the last tone of the evening on the way home. Very relaxed, no crowds, no stress.

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